David Herrmann

I am a C programmer working on the linux kernel and core user-space. If you are interested in my work, see below.


Wiimote Driver Maintainer, GSoC 2011 - now

  • Reverse-engineered proprietary Nintendo Wii Remote HID protocol
  • Created specialized linux HID device driver
  • Source is accepted upstream and part of linux since version 3.1
  • Sponsored during Google Summer of Code 2011
  • For more information go to github

kmscon - KMS/DRM based System Console Maintainer, 2011 - now

  • Replacement for the linux-console implemented in user-space
  • Tries to make CONFIG_VT obsolete
  • Sponsored during Google Summer of Code 2012
  • For more information go to Freedesktop

BlueZ Contributor, 2011 - now

  • While developing the Wiimote driver I started contributing to the BlueZ linux Bluetooth stack
  • Co-Author of the Bluetooth HID Profile implementation
  • Occasional contributor to the user-space tools

Wayland Contributor, 2012 - now

  • I contributed to the early versions of libwayland, the Wayland protocol implementation libraries
  • Investigating on tiling Wayland-compositors
  • Working on Wayland system compositors

GameForge IRC Network Developer, 2008 - 2011

  • Mainaining a specialized fork of Undernet IRCu software
  • Developing new features for the GameForge IRC network
  • Bug fixing 24/7
  • For GameForge and its IRC network see GameForge and OnlineGamesNet

University of Tübingen, Germany Attended 2011 - now

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics